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Prime Inc
Fast Track Your CDL Career With Prime Inc.

Prime Trucking
is considered to be one of the most successful tanker, flatbed and refrigerated movers in North America. Ever since the company was founded in the year 1970, it has continued to offer very reliable, on-time and safe services to both its national and international clients.

The company majorly conducts its operations in the well-known North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) countries: Mexico, The United Sates of America and Canada. For a long time, it has been extraordinarily benefiting consumers, ranchers, farmers and business investors all over the North American content and some parts of South America.

They always has professional job and career opportunities for: Drivers, Contractors, Massage Therapists, Staff Accountants, Fleet Managers, Driver Recruiters, Trailer Rebuild Technicians and Facility Maintenance Technicians. Being a moving company with thousands of vehicles, the company is constantly in need of very experienced and hard working company and lease drivers to work in the firm.

Prime Trucking

With the entire tractor trucks and trailers categorized in special divisions such as Refrigerated, Tanker, Reefer and Flatbed divisions, drivers of different qualifications and experience are always required to work in the various divisions. The main advantage of this company is that it is very concerned with the needs of its clients as well as the welfare of its employees.

Qualifications for working as a Prime trucking driver

a) Must be 21 years of age and above.
b) Must have valid Driving License.
c) Must have valid CDL of class A.
d) Must not be a drug addict.
e) Must not have a criminal record.
f) Must have a minimum of 10 years driving experience
g) Must be a citizen of the U.S or a holder of Green Card.
h) Must have a record of accident-free driving experience for the past 3 years.
i) Must be ready to work for long hours under minimum supervision.

Working as a driver at Prime Transport comes with numerous benefits. Prime Inc. drivers and independent contractors are paid good salary on a weekly basis.

Average Prime Trucking driver salary is $58,400

prime inc annual truck driver salary
Source: TruckDriversSalary.com

Each and every driver is normally covered with life, dental, medical health and vision insurance. Both the lease and company drivers are always awarded with referral, fuel, on-time delivery and safety bonuses, among other mileage incentives through the Rewards and Retention Program. In most cases, the divers are normally taught on the best techniques of fuel conservation and how to effectively plan for retirement. Both the independent contractors and company drivers have the opportunity of choosing their preferred models of trucks from the flatbed, tanker, refrigerated and reefer divisions.

Prime Trucking Inc owns a fleet of over 4,000 tractor trucks both in the reefer and Flatbed divisions. In these divisions, drivers often receive increased mileage rate as per the mileage covered. Most of the trucks owned by the company are Peterbilt 387 and Freighter Trucks. The tractor trucks are majorly used in the transportation of construction equipment, motor vehicle parts, liquid gases, household facilities, among other non perishable goods and products to various destinations around America. The drivers are therefore normally trained on how to maintain high safety standards in order to avoid unnecessary accidents.

The advantage of these tractor trucks is that they have low level of fuel consumption and they are very effective when it comes to long distance traveling. With good road network systems in North America, the company’s tractor trucks move easily from state to state and city to city, Florida and Arizona, making it to be the most reliable transport company in America. Among the countless benefits of the company’s trucks is that they can be loaded and offloaded easily without much wastage of time. A team of qualified technicians is always required to ensure that the trucks experience minimum breakdowns as possible while they are on transit.

In their Refrigerated Division, there is a fleet of more than 6000 trailers with effective temperature control systems. These types of trailers are specifically meant for the transportation of pharmaceuticals, frozen meat, fresh meat, fresh flowers, fresh farm products and other temperature-controlled cargo. With this type of service, the company has been rated among the best refrigerated movers in the United States. This division is usually recommended for most qualified contractors and drivers.

This division also has many benefits as compared to other divisions. The drivers are always guaranteed of handsome rewards whenever they deliver the goods and products on time. Prime Trucking is definitely the best mover company to go for The clients are guaranteed on time delivery without any unnecessary delays. With countless benefits ranging from good salary and various insurance covers, the company drivers and independent contractors as well as other employees are always motivated to work to their best.